Patricia Alper Cohn

Advisory Board Member
Advisory Board
For thirty years, Ms. Alper has pursued the fields of communications, primarily in public relations, advertising, and marketing. She has successfully served firms within the industries of broadcast, hospitality, real estate and the non profit sector. For the past 15 years Ms. Alper has run the Alper Portfolio Group, a marketing consulting firm that has worked primarily in commercial real estate or in the non profit sector. Functioning as an outside Marketing Director, she develops a strategic marketing plan and typically hires, trains, and manages marketing/sales departments. The primary goal for each client has been to build name recognition, redesign and repackage program offerings, and build a paying customer or donor base. Previously, she was a partner and co-founder of Sargis & Jones, an interior project management and construction consulting firm in the Washington Metropolitan area. Under her guidance as Director of Marketing, the firm gained national and local recognition for setting trends, and for changing industry standards. Ms. Alper holds a Bachelors Degree from Cornell College, Iowa and has continued Masters level Marketing courses at American University. She is a Trustee of the Alper Family Foundation and sits on the National and Local boards of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, The Signature Theatre Company, and the Washington Committee for The Aspen Institute.