Portfolio: Representative Past Investments

Source Technologies, Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina
November 2013 | Debt Refinancing

Source Technologies is the leading manufacturer and distributor of specialized magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) printers for the financial services industry.

Industrial Piping, Inc.
Pineville, NC
June 2008 | Management Buyout

Industrial Piping, Inc. designs, assembles and installs process and utility piping systems, skid-mounted modular systems, and fire protection systems for industrial customers, primarily in the Southeast region of the United States.

Island Oasis Frozen Cocktail Co., Inc.
Walpole, MA
April 2008 | Recapitalization

Island Oasis is a leading turn-key provider of beverage mixes to the foodservice industry providing all-natural frozen beverage mixes and state of the art blender technology.

B&M Racing & Performance Products, Inc.
Chatsworth, CA
January 2007 | Add-on Acquisition

With iconic brands such as B&M Drive Train products, Hurst Shifters and Flowmaster Exhaust Technology, B&M Racing and Performance is a leader in the Automotive Performance Aftermarket.

Angelle Concrete Group
Westlake, LA
December 2005 | Buyout

Angelle is a Louisiana-based manufacturer of concrete, Portland cement and aggregates.

Roberts-Gordon, LLC
Buffalo, NY
July 2004 | Buyout

Roberts-Gordon is a designer and manufacturer of gas-fired, low-intensity and high-intensity infrared heating systems and warm-air unit heaters.

International Fiber Corp.
North Tonawanda, NY
January 2000 | Buyout/Add-on Acquisition

International Fiber Corporation is a manufacturer of high-quality, functional cellulose products that serve a range of food and industrial applications.

Houston, TX
August 1998 | Buyout

Drilltec is a leading producer of tubular thread protectors and pipe packaging systems. The company has established industry standards for protection of tubular goods against costly damage caused by corrosion or impact.

The Color Factory, Inc.
Sun Valley, CA
June 1998 | Growth Financing

The Color Factory is a contract developer and manufacturer of cosmetics and skin care for national and international brands.

Gibson Guitar
Nashville, TN
October 1997 | Growth Financing

Gibson Guitar is an iconic manufacturer of electric and acoustic guitars, pianos, and accessories. The company has a tradition of quality and innovation dating back over 100 years.

Julius Koch
New Bedford, MA
July 1996 | Management Buy-out

Julius Koch develops and manufactures high-quality cords and threads for a variety of purposes. The company is a leading supplier to the sunscreening industry, delivering cords, ladder strings, tapes, and other related articles for Venetian blinds and sunscreening products.

Kirker Enterprises, Inc.
Paterson, NJ
April 1995 | Buyout

Kirker Enterprises is a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative nail products.