Portfolio: Representative Past Investments

Blueberry Broadcasting, LLC
Kennebunkport, ME
July 2008 | Buyout

Blueberry Broadcasting, LLC was formed to acquire 17 radio stations, comprising 14 FM and 3 AM broadcast formats, that are situated in Augusta-Waterville, Maine and Bangor, Maine. The stations were acquired from Clear Channel Communications (“Clear Channel”).

Foresite Towers, LLC
Birmingham, AL
December 2001 | Buyout

ForeSite is a fully integrated owner, operator, and developer of communication towers dedicated to providing comprehensive network services to the wireless and broadcast industries in the Southeastern United States.

Radio One
Silver Spring, MD
June 1995 | Add-on Acquisition

Radio One, Inc. is an urban-oriented, multi-media company that primarily targets African-American and urban consumers. It is the largest radio broadcasting operation that primarily targets African-American and urban listeners.